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Latitude 2 Learn General Questions and Answers

QuestionWhat is Latitude 2 Learn (L2L)?
AnswerLatitude 2 Learn or L2L is the name of the district’s 1:1 personalized learning initiative.  L2L is an innovative teaching and learning approach that uses technology to support the existing curriculum to make learning more meaningful to students.

QuestionWhat are the academic goals of L2L?
  • Increase the depth and breadth of student learning.
  • Design engaging, relevant learning experiences for all students.
  • Expand learning opportunities beyond the classroom.
  • Ensure that all students are future-ready.
  • Strengthen collaboration between parents, community and schools.
QuestionWhat initiated this 1:1 approach?
AnswerThe district initiated a new strategic plan in 2009 that focused on the long-term needs of students.  With the district strategic plan as a foundation, a careful analysis of using technology to support and deepen student learning was conducted.  Based on this analysis, leadership at all levels of the district conducted focused discussions about student engagement, integrating mobile technologies and connectivity, and accessibility. The district asked taxpayers to fund the initial investment of this initiative as part of the 2013 CCISD Bond Election. The result was L2L.

QuestionWhy is L2L needed?

AnswerL2L empowers students to learn at any time, any place and at any pace and to master productivity skills for the future. Mobile devices provide students with applications to educational resources so they can create content and increase their access to digital textbooks, communication and collaborative tools.

QuestionWhat new devices will our students receive?

AnswerOver a three-year staged implementation timeline students in grades 4-12 will receive a Dell computer or tablet. Students in grades 9-12 will receive a Dell laptop. Students in grades 6-8 will receive a Dell Latitude 10 tablet. Students in grades 4-5 will receive Dell Venue tablets. 

QuestionWhen will students receive these new tools?
AnswerListed below is the implementation schedule for the tablet computers:

Fall 2013
  • Clear Horizons Early College High School
  • Victory Lakes Intermediate 8th grade
  • Clear View High School
  • Clear Lake City Elementary 4th and 5th (devices remain at school)
  • Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd grade - iPads stations
January 2014
  • Grade 9 and 10 Districtwide 
September 2014
  • Grades 8, 9, 12 Districtwide
  • Grade 5 Districtwide (devices remain at school)
September 2015
  • Grades 6 and 7 Districtwide
  • Grade 4 Districtwide (devices remain at school)
  • Grade 3 Districtwide classroom sets of 6
QuestionHow was it determined which campuses will receive the tablet computers first?
AnswerA number of considerations were reviewed during the development of the tablet computer implementation schedule. It was determined that students in Grades 9 and 10 were in most need of the tablet computers to ensure they are college or career ready. Additionally, the core curriculum in these grade levels most closely aligns with enhancement through the use of technology. Finally, students at the secondary level have a large number of textbooks, and moving to digitalized content was seen as a significant benefit for students in Grades 9 and 10.

QuestionWhat is the district’s investment for L2L?
AnswerThe district will make an initial investment of $15.4 million in bond funds to purchase tablet computers for each student.  The district will then annually set aside money from the general fund to cover the ongoing replacement costs of the tablet computers due to obsolescence.  Additionally, the district is also investing in time and other resources to train teachers, students, and parents on how the L2L best supports student learning.
QuestionCould L2L reduce the number of classroom teachers?
AnswerNo.  The initial funding for L2L is through bond funds which cannot be spent on employees’ salary.

QuestionCould public education state funding negatively impact L2L?
AnswerIt is the district’s responsibility to respond to educational challenges by providing direction, equitable access, and resources. The Board of Trustees has been meticulous about preserving the instructional core, while ensuring fiscal responsibility coupled with providing each student access to a world-class education. The district will continue to be efficient and effective with its budget in order to continue to provide the best possible resources and education for students.

QuestionWill Internet access be safe?
AnswerThe district already has filters in place to block most inappropriate websites. Students and parents are required to sign an agreement that holds them to those standards.  

QuestionCan students load whatever they want on district tablets?
AnswerInappropriate content will not be allowed on any district device.

QuestionCan the student(s) access non-educational and inappropriate content?

AnswerThe district filters Internet access to any device that is connected to the district network infrastructure whether wired or wireless. This is a requirement of the Children Internet Protection Act (CIPA) from the federal government. In response to a recommendation from the L2L Parent Advisory Council the district has equipped all Latitude 10 devices with the same filter used in school.   

QuestionMay students use their own personal devices?

AnswerYes.  Students must adhere to all district policies and regulations.

QuestionIs my child required to participate in L2L?
AnswerParents may opt out of students taking home a district issued device.

QuestionIs Clear Creek ISD going to replace textbooks with digital content?
AnswerThe district is transitioning from sole dependency on textbooks to an environment that allows access to a much greater range of educational materials and experiences. Printed textbooks will still be available during this transition period. Over time, digital textbooks and other resources will be adopted.

QuestionHow will the district address lost or stolen devices?
AnswerIf a tablet computer is lost or stolen at anytime outside of school, parents should contact the police right away to file a claim for lost/stolen property. Parents will need to get a case number and/or incident number from the responding officer. The parents should then contact a school administrator during school hours. Parents should provide school administrators with the case and/or incident report number obtained from the responding officer. If a tablet computer is lost or stolen at anytime while at school, the student should inform the classroom teacher or an administrator of the lost/stolen property.  A police report will be required.

QuestionHow will the district address damaged devices?
AnswerStudents and their parents are responsible for appropriate use of the district-issued computer.  Students and their parents will be held financially responsible up to and including the full replacement cost if the computer is lost or damaged beyond repair under the terms of the warranty.  Parents may choose either non-refundable, annual insurance that can be purchased through CCISD for $20 or assume the full financial responsibility in the event of loss or irreparable damage.  The current replacement cost of a new computer is $541.

QuestionAre there any fees associated with participating in L2L?

AnswerNo. There are not additional fees to utilize a district issued tablet. However, parents may choose to purchase $20 insurance policy for the device in case of theft.  

QuestionWill parents have to pay for downloading apps?
AnswerAll apps required for the district curriculum will be paid for by CCISD and be installed on each device, including Microsoft Office. Appropriate additional apps added by the student will be purchased at their own expense.

QuestionWhat if students do not have Internet access at home?

AnswerCCISD does not require that students and their parents have home Internet access.  Assignments utilizing technology can be downloaded or saved to the device before leaving school each day.  Families may choose to have their own home internet that is compatible with the wireless capability of the tablet, but the cost of the home Internet is the responsibility of the family.

QuestionCan students take the device home?
AnswerStudents in grades 6-12 will be issued a device to use at school and at home to encourage and support anywhere, anytime learning. Students must also charge their device at home.  Students in grades PK-5 will have access to devices to use at school.

QuestionWhen does a student need to return the device to the district?
AnswerThe student must return the device upon the request of the campus administrator or upon withdrawal from the campus or district.

QuestionWill more infrastructure be required to support L2L?
AnswerAs a component of the 2013 CCISD Bond, the wireless infrastructure at each campus was improved.

QuestionHow will the district support users of the tablets?
AnswerStudents and parents will be trained through initial orientation sessions, campus support staff, and online resources. Teachers will be provided on-going professional learning including initial district training, online resources, technology integration tools, and personalized support from district personnel.

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